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windows 10 automatic repair couldnt repair - windows + hammer icon

Why Windows 10 Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair PC?

The most unfortunate of the messages you can get on  Windows 10 is when Startup repair Couldn't repair your PC. This is surely an... Read more »
Windows 10 equalizer

How To Add a Sound Equalizer For Windows 10

When you are a Movie Lover or a Gamer, default sound won't make you happy as it doesn't always deliver the quality you demand.... Read more »

Enable DirectPlay In Windows 10 To Run Outdated Games

DirectPlay is an obsolete feature that means Windows won't provide any updates nor support it. Luckily on some Systems DirectPlay is available too that... Read more »
Whatsapp Logo

Web WhatsApp | What to do with a QR code from

WhatsApp, the best messenger, and everyone's favorite app is offered both on phone and on (Web.WhatsApp) PC too. Android / Web WhatsApp has got... Read more »
putlocker tv

Putlocker Complete Guide [ 7 Alternatives & Review ]

Putlocker - Every Movie Lover's go-to website. It got immense popularity in 2011 when it first came getting millions of daily views. Users got... Read more »
Windows Modules Installer Worker windows and hammer wrench icon fix

How to Remove Dllhost.exe COM Surrogate? What is it?

Dllhost.exe COM Surrogate is one thing that you'll likely encounter if you open your task manager in the processes tab. Dllhost.exe is not something... Read more »
thumbs-up-thumbs-down-can i run it

PC Games System Requirements – Can You Run It?

You don't need a console to play your favorite games. Instead, a PC is not a bad choice saving you lots of money too.... Read more »
how to remove watermark from photo

WonderFox Photo Watermark – User Guide

If you want to watermark your photos without losing any quality, WonderFox Photo Watermark is the best choice to make. This software is extremely... Read more »
skype for business image - uninstall software

How to Uninstall Skype for Business on Windows 10

Skype can be annoying on a PC with its auto-start causing a slow start-up and an unwanted skype Window to pop with a sound... Read more »

Avast Cleanup Premium Tool Review – Cleanup and Boost

In this guide, we will provide you with a complete and brief Avast Cleanup Review. What is Avast Cleanup? Avast - one of the... Read more »