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SHAREit Free Download For PC (32/64 bit)

SHAREit? is one of the best file sharing app, SHAREit download app has over a billion Users due to the free technology it offers... Read more »
How to stop windows 10 Update in Progress by Turning Off Auto-Updates

How to stop windows 10 Upgrade by Turning Off Auto-Updates

Receiving updates on Windows makes your PC secure. The regular updates are important to remain up-to-date. When you disable Windows Update, Your PC is... Read more »
Windows Modules Installer Worker windows and hammer wrench icon fix

What Is “Windows Modules Installer Worker” and Fix High CPU Usage

Windows Modules Installer Worker is a frequent issue in Windows 7/8/10. This is a typical problem where Windows Modules Installer Worker uses more than... Read more »
why is my internet so slow - snail on broadband router icon

Why is My Internet so Slow? How can I fix it?

The first thing to be demanded wherever we go is the internet, and if the Internet gets slow, life seems to slow down as... Read more »
Upgrade to windows 10- arrow up in windows logo

Why Should I Upgrade To Windows 10? ( 7 Reasons to Know WHY )

Windows 10, the latest version up-to-date and likely for a few years more has been everyone's favorite since it came. Should I upgrade to... Read more »
how to take a screenshot on windows- screenshot icon

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

What is a Screenshot? A screenshot means an image of a computer screen exactly how it appears at that instant. It is an important... Read more »

How To Burn a CD / DVD in Windows 7/8/10 (Complete Guide)

CDs have not remained popular anymore and no one cares on how to burn a CD, but it's still important for some tasks or... Read more »

How to Run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

What is Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor? One of the best tools available to save lots of effort. Microsoft has designed Windows 7 upgrade advisor... Read more »