How Can I Check CPU Temperature in Windows 10

How to check CPU Temperature in windows 10 -monitor

Microsoft windows 10 is the latest operating system. It’s system requirements are quite high then the previous one. That is the reason system having low specification often deals with CPU temperature problem.

Which is why it is more important to monitor or check CPU temperature on system having Windows 10.

Besides, monitoring CPU temperature saves you from the danger of high computer temperature.

But why it is necessary to check CPU temperature on Windows 10? It is because when old build PC’s are unable to meet the requirements of Windows 10.

They start making lousy sound. Sometimes you can feel heat coming out of PC that’s the point where you need to check CPU temperature.

But one can might ask about how can i check CPU temperature on Windows 10? Does Windows provide any built-in tool to monitor or check CPU temperature? If not, then is there any free CPU temperature monitor software which can reveal this information?

Windows Doesn’t Have Built-in Tool To Check CPU Temperature

Unfortunately, whether it is Windows 7 or Windows 10 they don’t offer any built-in tool to check computer’s CPU temperature.

In order to reveal information about CPU temperature, you have to access system BIOS. This method consumes a lot of time and also requires expertise.

Fortunately, there are several free CPU temperature monitor programs that make it easy to check CPU temperature of PC.

These temperature monitor tools are free third-party applications, which provide exact readings using the motherboard sensors.

Then How to check CPU temperature in Windows 10

The quickest and reliable way to check CPU temperature is to download Core Temp free utility. This small in size free gadget is available in the setup as well as in portable version.

Check CPU temperature

It provides exact CPU temperature readings of individual core separately. You can easily check CPU temperature on Windows 10 and Windows 7.

It works completely fine on these operating system. But beware of Install IQ crap (installs toolbars/ads in the browser). When downloading Core Temp, always use the standalone version.

Well, this is not the only option you have here.

Check CPU temperature

You can also download CPUID HWMonitor which shows a wide variety of system sensors. In addition to monitor CPU temperature, it also shows system voltages, fan speeds, and power consumption for your CPU.

It also supports all connected hardware on your computer that has sensors (including your graphics cards and hard drives).

If you want a program with more “advanced” tool (showing much more information), you may want to download  HWInfo. You can check CPU temperature with two different version of HWinfo called HWinfo32 and HWinfo64.

check CPU temperature

Finally, download Speed Fan. With this free tool you can monitor/ check CPU temperatures, GPU temperatures, S.M.A.R.T. data, hard disk drive temperatures, and much more.

check CPU temperature

You can also adjust computer fan speed manually. When you think CPU is exuding more heat you can increase RPM upto 100% manually.

Still, I will not recommend this software because it is pretty complicated to use plus it’s risky. If you don’t know what you are doing you can also inflict damage on your computer.

This is how you check CPU temperature on windows 10. If you like this way to monitor CPU temperature than please post a comment below.

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