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Windows Modules Installer Worker windows and hammer wrench icon fix

Windows Update Service Not Running in Windows 10/8/7

Remaining updated is the foremost thing in the 21st century. When the process stops in our PCs saying that Windows Update Service not running.... Read more »

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 10

26th of July 2016 was the last date when Microsoft offered free upgrade to Windows 10. Fortunately most of the Windows users considered this... Read more »
VPN Service providers

5 Best VPN For Kodi, Torrenting & Streaming

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Check CPU Temperature

WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage [3 Solutions]

What is WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe)? WMI Provider Host is one of the processes going on in task manager. Also known as WmiPrvSE.exe or... Read more »
remove the DNS Unlocker virus

DNS Unlocker – Virus Removal Guide [ 4 Ways Tested ]

DNS Unlocker can get into one's PC bundled with an other software's download or an email. Choosing the default process to download is an... Read more »
How to Disable Your Laptop Touchpad on Windows 10

How to Disable Your Laptop Touchpad on Windows 10

Is your laptop touchpad getting in the way while you type, this guide will teach you How to Disable Touchpad Windows 10? So, stick... Read more »
Window 10 automatic repair loop

How to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Repair loop

Firstly, the relieve symbol "Repair" didn't help you get out of your boot problem, and even worst, you might get stuck in " Windows... Read more »
windows 10 automatic repair couldnt repair - windows + hammer icon

Why Windows 10 Automatic Repair Couldn’t Repair PC?

The most unfortunate of the messages you can get on  Windows 10 is when Startup repair Couldn't repair your PC. This is surely an... Read more »
Windows 10 equalizer

How To Add a Sound Equalizer For Windows 10

When you are a Movie Lover or a Gamer, default sound won't make you happy as it doesn't always deliver the quality you demand.... Read more »

Enable DirectPlay In Windows 10 To Run Outdated Games

DirectPlay is an obsolete feature that means Windows won't provide any updates nor support it. Luckily on some Systems DirectPlay is available too that... Read more »