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  • Alta

    Downloaded Directx 11 setup but it does not appear under my programmes. No wizard appeared after installation to run the setup. The files that were installed appear under my downloads, but no wizard pops up to start running the process.

  • Evan Langlois
    • link is fine. Go to the XP page then click to download file. It’s protected you can’t directly download.

  • K. alkhatawy

    Greeting softlay team …
    1st : Thanks your efforts …
    2nd : The loading is too too slow !! Can you make it faster ?

    • Sachin Bhardwaj


  • Sunil Yadav

    403 Forbidden problem

  • alok

    on downloading windows 10 x64 or any other software by download accelarator plus it’s asking for AUTHENTICATION & username & password . How should i log in to softlay so as to download the file?

  • Perfect thank you so much. I installed it from my downloads

  • Emanuel

    I make a download of windows 7 and it had a trojan. So i didnt use it! Lets see if it happen in 8.1 :/

  • Mihai

    It doesn’t work

  • Sandeep Kumar Bansal

    Download problem error


    Thanks for your help,sometimes the more you help people the more they winge.Like hookers that don’t get paid ……..God Bless thanks for the help from OZ

  • Vismay

    I’m trying to download windows 7 AIO iso (3.8gb) but the download always falls at 1.29gb. Please fix the link. Thank you.

    • Link is fine

      • Herry Herbek Lomi

        can you send me the product key?

        • You can use your own product key.

      • Kevin Kateri Reis

        does it mean that 1.29 should work?

  • Esther Culpepper Striplin

    Trying to download Windows 10. Download never starts

    • I have checked download server is fine. Please try again

  • Muhammad Iqbal


  • Vishnu Vijay P

    Showing error while trying to download:

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your mobile device’s data or Wi-Fi connection.

  • zinou trad

    a need a windows 7×32 not 64

  • Lester McDonald

    I’m trying to download Windows 8.1 ISO Full Version, and it has stopped on me twice, now it’s started all over from the beginning. Plus it’s way too slow and time consuming. But it would all be worth it if it actually completes the download this time without some type of server error message stopping it.

  • Surya Bethireddy

    not resuming the download shows link expired

    • sorry 4 late reply. I have noted down the problem, link expiry duration will be increased.

  • akram

    i downloaded upto 63 % but when i resume for downloading it is unabe to do so

    • Link expiry time will be extended

  • sow

    very bad sorry

  • no md5? really?

  • Sachin Bhardwaj

    Totally fake. Cant download windows-7 ultimate 64 bit with 4g super fast internet. It become failed to download after a few minute or after 30 minutes. When we start resuming the file, it starts again and then again stop downloading., it continues this scene for 2 -3-4 times and the downloading file become FAILED-FORBIDDEN and thats it.
    Tried 6 times with all of my browsers and with my smart phone along with paid download manager.
    wasted 9.5 GB data for this bloody fake file.
    Hate it.
    Kindly dont even browse this website.

  • Rob Knight

    Just to say I’ve used you guys twice and so far no problems. Thanks.

  • Bchir

    Thanks for the nice uploads :)

  • Sunil Yadav

    403 Forbidden

  • adib

    permission to download

  • Satishcomputer Center

    i able any sofware download please help me

  • BuzzCola 3

    Overloaded download server :(

  • Mohammad Moin
  • anurag bhadauria

    very slow downloading speed,waiing from 7 hours to download but not yet downloaded.
    please help me!

  • Infinito

    Fast linux servers..? 8 hours remaining.

  • Michael J

    Do you have MD5 checksums to verify download integrity? Win7 home 64 in my case. Thanks in advance.

  • Keith Stanley

    do not work

  • ezzat

    thank you

  • Put the license key to begin with. You can also try Libreoffice or OpenOffice

  • Welcome keep visiting and sharing

  • Welcome keep visiting and sharing

  • jexll

    Total utter garbage. the server closes before i can download windows 7 3GB iso file.
    even when using a external downloader tool. it cuts the connection and does not allow me to resume the download on a new instance. utter complete garbage. at least make a softlay downloader client that can handle this. or fix up your goddam shit servers!

  • Bharti Sood Sadana

    Files are missing, thus unable to install the photoshop.

    • Internet Power

      Please update your operating system first with windows update. It will take some time to download all the updates till the latest ones depending on your internet connection speed. After finish installing all the updates try again with your software installation and see if it resolves your installation issue…

  • Uttam Singh

    plz i.d.m.r product key send

  • Goran Anton

    Apsolutely excellent !!!

  • azam sheikh

    very bad resume download fail

  • Sorry . . . to much info.

    You guys at are showing this country what Americans can do.
    This is the BEST iso download site in the USA.
    Super good quality at high speeds! I am writing this from a windows
    8.1 Pro iso ya’ll GAVE me 2 weeks ago! Thank you for being kind
    and fighting the big bully MicroS. . .

  • awanish Anand

    showing error for the download
    Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586 ISO Download [Feb 2016 Update]
    the link is

    kindly update it as soon as

  • AWP & Player123344

    You Server Slow 1.5MB – 3.5MB
    I have Home 74MB speed
    You 1.5MB – 3MB Speed

  • Internet Power

    Can you please provide the latest released of windows 7 ultimate and enterprise both x86 and x64 DVD ISO ?

  • Mohamed Labib
  • Theodore De Matradoy

    I’m Seeing All The Files, Softwares and Operating Systems etc… I Wanted To Thank You For All The Support; Plus The Download Is Fast; My Download Normally Reaches 120KB MAX And With That One It Reaches More, As I’m Noticing.
    Keep Up The Good Work ;)


  • Bala Murugan

    Started downloading WIN 7 64 Bit ISO, I am getting access denied error. It is saying Invalid username or password.
    Till 92% the download was going smooth. I got this error after 92%. Please let me know what should be done

  • David Bradshaw

    download will start in a few minutes? 15 minutes later no change

  • Bobbie Pitts

    Where do I find the serial number?

  • Selva Kumar

    photoshop 7.0 i had downloaded serial key required

  • Thanks Keith Cameron

  • hard size

    no download windows 7

  • Benedict Machage

    why is it take so longer to download and can not give an option to install for my use

  • John Lee

    its a scam site pure bs watsed my time and bandwidth sincerly pissed off

  • sonu sharma

    cannt dowb load any file

  • Aman Poddar

    I am not able download windows 8.1 with internet downloading manager.

  • Paul Reed


    • Hi Pual Reed, It’s in our notice, we will Shift & Upgrade our Download Server within couple of days for better user experience. Please accept my apologizes.

  • ashraful

    it is not downloaded in windows XP

  • ashraful

    it is not downloading in my windows XP. It shows 404 Not Found. please help me

  • Lorenzo

    Hi there,

    a link to Win 7 Ultimate would be nice to insert it into a download manager. I takes too long without.


  • goran

    ovo je supeeeer preporucujem

  • Hugo

    Downloading takes some time, but I suppose that’s the price to pay.
    After booting from a USB, Windows 7 installer shows up.
    … but always asking for ‘drivers’… what about the standard ones ?
    Couldn’t install Windows in the end…

  • john

    how to genrate key

  • zenal kurnia

    working in my PC, thanks a lot :D

  • Arun singh


  • Hany Alsaeed


  • Joel Tejón

    really fast!!! the faster and free! thks

    • thanks Joel Tejon

  • The Creeper11

    The server appears very unstable and when downloading from my drive, its fine but when downloading here, the file stops at random times while its still incomplete. PLZ FIX

  • Griffin Ingram

    This software is easy to use and install!

  • nicholas prieto

    I can download windows… i followed you guys on G+ and liked/shared on Facebook…

    • Thanks Nicholas Prieto keep visiting

  • serazul islam

    i am downloading windows 8.1 but how to install?

  • Obedience Mambo

    THANKS Softlay thinks i successfully downloaded IDM software but not yet successfully installed hope it works

  • Obedience Mambo

    the software IDM is not working and it seems it has corrupted files. so disapponting

    • I checked it works fine for me

  • Rocky Prajapati

    Its seems that you have all the desired thing which required to operate the PC and Laptop and vice versa but i had tried many times whenever i m trying to download WIndow 7 Professional it takes me to the other gateway where there is nothing but such annoyed ads its better to buy a original Window 7 professional by paying them atleast would not have any problem in future to get the problems.
    anyways thanks not happy at all Team i was been referred by one of my collegue but its all went in vain wasted 4 hrs for this

  • rose

    Softlay thanks for this apps, however it takes so long to download. How many more minutes should I wait to finish downloading? Please response asap. Thank you.

    • Sorry for such late reply, You can achieve up-to 6MB/S

  • Jeff Cuttriss

    Thank you so much! I won’t have access to Product Key until tomorrow, which is required by M$ before I can download it from them, but, I need the ISO before tomorrow to reinstall Win 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1. You have saved me!

  • Rohit Jangid


  • Sunny O Malley

    How can I open an “iso” -file…???
    I downloaded here SP3 as iso..not as exe.