Windows 7 All in One ISO Free Download 32 / 64 Bit

Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download in a direct link is available to the users of Softlay. It includes all Six Windows 7 Editions (Genuine ISO DVDs) with service pack 1 (SP1) from Official MSDN with the Windows 7 product key. Softlay gives the free single-click direct download of Windows 7 All in one ISO full version for both 32 bit and 64 bit. Download Untouched Windows 7 All in one ISO (SP1).

Windows 7 All In One ISO DVD BoxBy: Microsoft Inc.
License: Full Version
File Size: 3.8 GB
Updated: 22/02/2011
Version: 7 All in One

Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download 32 / 64 Bit

Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download 32 / 64 Bit Review

Windows 7 All in one ISO Free Download is a collection of all Windows 7 OS editions released by the Microsoft listed below:

  1. Windows 7 Starter (OEM for low end 32bit PCs)
  2. Windows 7 Home Basic (Retail & OEM With basic features)
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium (Retail & OEM best for home users)
  4. Windows 7 Professional (Retail, OEM & VL for with networking)
  5. Windows 7 Enterprise (Volume license Pro edition + Languages)
  6. Windows 7 Ultimate (Retail & OEM with complete features)

These all are widely used and made available at retailers and is providing you all the versions at one place for the convenience of its users who can now enjoy features from all 6 versions of Windows 7.  So if you are in need to optimize PC speed and getting the best performance you must be downloading All editions of windows 7 free full version software.

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Key Features of Windows 7

  • Wide-ranging 6 editions
  • Effort-less Installation
  • Install it offline
  • Updated drivers
  • Superb desktop performance
  • All new experience of the task bar
  • More secure with the new Firewall

How To Install Windows 7 From ISO Image

After you successfully downloaded windows 7 ISO file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows All in One via USB Drive. The steps to install windows 7 are simple and easy. Comment here if you face any issues during windows 7 ISO download or installation.

We at recommend this Spyware & Virus secure Windows 7 Official All Versions, Untouched, Bootable ISO Files With Genuine Licence Installer and Activator.

Operating System Requirments

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Hard disk space: 16GB or Higher
  • Video card: 1366 × 768 screen resolution; DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver
  • Connectivity: Internet access (fees may apply)
Disclaimer – do not Provide any crack, patches, serial numbers or keygen activation for Windows 7.

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  • kemraj

    I m having problem downloading window 7 all in one

    • Download links are working fine what kind of problem you are facing?

      • macmix

        i can’t download the link?

        • Macmix, The links have been updated.

      • macmix

        what should i do? do i need to register first?

        • The download is provided for free without registration.

  • saloo

    At last. found a great website… thankful to the team especially the direct fast download link is greatly appreciable!

    • Thank you for these kind words. We are working hard to provide excellent service to you people and please share our website with others.

      • macmix

        problem during downloading, what should i do?

  • Bhajrangi Bhaijan

    I download windows 7 All in one at high speed. This is iso file how i use this file to install windows 7 Need Help thanks

    • Sanjeev Kumar

      Download Rufus and make a bootable pen drive or DVD using .iso Insert pen drive or DVD after making bootable and restart your computer press F9 while restarting click any button to boot from pen drive or dvd

  • Nimechoka Kuitwa Jessy

    I really dont knw why pple have to do this why cant you just provide a download link that will be visible for all of us to see and download directly without hving to go through your page endless fvckng number of times?

    • Softlay isn’t like the other. There is big green download button in the beginning of the page. This is a unique bold feature of

  • Elton Yeo

    it’s the ISO includes the OEM BackGround ?
    just like we install in lenovo laptop, so the background gonna be Lenovo background too
    sorry for my bad english

    • Really, you want the OEM version of windows 7 just for Lenovo background. But I understand that these little thing are important for some people, including me. So the answers is NO. It’s the retail ISO. I think you can search and download the lenovo desktop background or login account picture online. Otherwise this ISO is the same.

  • Nukmansyamil

    This window 7 all in one must enter product key or not.. sory i new for this

    • Nukmansyamil: You don’t need to enter product key

      • Nukmansyamil

        Yay ,thx for reply me

  • izaz ulhaq

    how to install after download is there any instruction available in windows file


    how to activate? it says 30 days until activation. what is the key? please hurry.

  • Hello friends, to activate windows 7 you have to buy the ( License ) KEY from Microsoft or any other vender. By the way windows should work even after the expiry of 30 day trial period.

    • YOGESH borasi

      windows 7 loader

  • Hacker Virus

    Nyc and usefully link to download.

    • Thanks Hacker Virus if you like our website please share it with your friends.

  • mesbah

    hello beautiful you believe that there is only your windows.

    There are lots of free windows.


  • honey khan

    after installing windows asking serial key. i m skip the options. but the windows is treail mode activated..

    • put your original windows 7 key to activate it

  • Hacker Virus

    K Sure.

    • Are you still having problem with your USB drive?

  • Hacker Virus

    Hi Goodmng.
    I am having 16 Gb usb drive but it is corrupted.
    I am not able to see in my computer.
    But in disk management i can see like no media.
    i am not able to access it.
    How can i fix this plz help.

  • Mohamed

    how to get wifi driver for Toshiba

    • Search your Wifi model drivers on Toshiba website. This is easy way to get original WiFi drivers.

      • Mohamed

        thank you

  • Rajat Saxena

    Download link is not working please fix it…

    • Link is fixed Check now

  • Rajat Saxena

    is this iso file is virus free and untouched???

    • Hi Rajat Saxena , Iso file is clean from viruses, adware, spyware and it’s untouched Iso.

  • bob

    download not ling working help

    • Link is fixed check now

  • Hi Rajat Saxena download link is fixed check now

  • Rajat Saxena

    Thanks MAM for your help… really thankyou

    • You are welcome, If you like our website please share it with your friends.

  • Rajat Saxena

    Your site is tooo good…

  • Rajat Saxena

    At last i found a site which is doing very nice job by providing Free, Fast & Single download link. I appreciate your work Thanks Again…

    • Thanks for your kind words for

  • Rob Mcl

    Good morning every one. I have the windows 7 all in one ISO burnt to my dvd. can I boot directly to it on a cold reboot? It will not operate the install from windows Vista. I am trying to get rid of Vista as it is a future unsupported anchor.

  • Try Eagleget it’s good alternative to IDM and its free.

  • Rajat Saxena

    Mam windows 7 working fine but scvhost.exe (Windows Update Service) service is Windows Update Service using huge amounts of memory (ram) please help, i search in internet to resolve this problem but windows update service is still using huge ram, so please help…

    • Raul

      I think you have the problem of you operating system that conflict into your hardware device make it sure your operating system is suitable into your hardware specifications some of other reason are VIRUS

      • Thanks for helping others.

    • Lucas Espinosa


  • Rob Mcl

    Hi Zabie the issue was not me or the files. I got it to load. Acer had the system set up as 32 bit. But when the file tried to load it stated check to make sure operating system is correct for file trying to load. Since it was set up 32 bit that is what I was trying to load. windows 7, 8 or 10 the new windows all wanted to load 64 bit but did not say it. I tried 64 bit and went great. Thank you all but I was starting to feel prety agrivated.

    • Good to hear that, Rob. Feel free to ask any thing. You are welcome.

  • Phillip

    Hi there, will this ISO work with an OEM Windows professional SP1 x64 product key? It is for a new installation on a brand new assembled PC without any OS.
    (Some ISO files are retail only I believe)

  • Ajay Pathare

    hi masters i want to upgrade os on my lappy which is samsung i3 with 500gb hard disk 6gb ram from were i should download it & how to install it in my laptop plz help

  • Ruh

    Great site , surprised my expectations , for sure I will come back here more often !

    Hugs .

    • Thanks Ruh for nice words.

  • Alaska

    Hello, can you tell me if OEM licence key will work with this iso?

    • First I would suggest you to make a Windows recovery disk for you PC. I think if your PC has Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and you install the same edition of Windows from this ISO, then your OEM license key should work. Please let me know if you face any issue.

      • Carlos Muhamad

        Thanks you for important feedback.

        • You Welcome Carlos Muhamad i am here to serve you

  • Jon

    Hi there, I am having serious difficulty with tis file, for some reason the llink says ISO, I download it ive got winrar which of course allows for iso files, but it still completes download as a win rar file which seeems to be completely useless I need a little help please if someone knows what im talking about. Thanks

  • Kevin Shaji George

    The description above states that the iso file contains all versions of Windows 7 but Windows 7 Enterprise is missing, why so?

  • I have noted down your request, to upload or share via torrent.

  • Nusret

    my english is not good, but i will to help u, if u wana instalatation windows 7 as (new instalation) first u need download windows 7 iso file, step2. is you download this
    Windows usb dVD download toll (see sugestion from Zaibe)

    stet 3 open this “windows usb DVD toll, than (browse) browse your Iso file there (which you like to instale ) and without extracted,

    next step is u can it burn in usb or in DVD its avilable (for usb u fix usv, for dvd u fix dvd than…start……when usb or dvd is finished…u can your computer restart , than hold taste F8 for enter in bios, there u search boot device, if u boot from usb u fix boot from usb, if u have but burn boot DVD u fix dvd…and finaly u save bios with F10…computer restart ,pres anytaste for start the instalation operating system

    i think u can not upgrade from vista pack 2 to the winbdows 7
    but you can instalat windows 7 if u delet vista (formation and delet) while u instalate windows 7

  • anon

    hello, none of the windows 7 iso files have drivers. Either that or they do not work with VMWare.
    Can someone please tell me what is wrong?

    • Well that’s why the new version of windows were released, to address these limitations. But drivers aren’t a big problem. you should always download the latest drivers from the equipment manufacturer website. Or you can download a driver pack.

  • Jerwin

    Hi Can you please upload this version in torrent it will help me a lot my download speed is way more faster using torrent downloads Thanks in advance

  • Hello Emrys Seven you have to enter your own product key to start with, If you dont have it use it as trial it works fine, or try figure out other methods to make it look original.

    • Emrys Seven

      Thank You!

      • welcome dear we are here to help you

        • umer sagheer

          Help me

  • Shea

    Thanks for the Windows 7 Professional. Just to be sure checked the hash with Microsoft list of hashes and it matched.

    • umer2

      Yar ye file kam karea gay na

  • hilmi

    you can activate all type windows by using microsoft toolkit…you can fine tutorial in google