Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit

Softlay brings the Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO file for both 32 bit and 64 bit. Here is the single click direct link to Download Windows 7 Ultimate Official Untouched ISO free version with service pack 1 (SP1). Use the ISO DVD to install a fresh copy or upgrade from Windows Vista, home premium or professional version.

Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Free Download By: Microsoft
License: Trial / Paid
File Size: 3.09 GB
Release: 02/22/2011
Version: 7 Ultimate SP1
Windows 7 Ultimate ISO DVD Box By: Microsoft
License: Trial / Paid
File Size: 2.38 GB
Release: 02/22/2011
Version: 7 Ultimate SP1

Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO Review

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is the best operating system for professionals and business till now. It is the most versatile and powerful version of Windows 7. Even after its successor Windows 8 was released, Windows 7 is still considered industries best. It combines the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business capabilities of Professional, including the ability to run programs in Windows XP Mode. For security, you can encrypt your data with BitLocker. Flexibility to work in any of 35 languages. Get it all with Windows 7 Ultimate.

You can also Download Windows 7 All in One ISO if you are interested in multiple editions in single ISO. You can Download Windows 10 ISO as well which is latest release from Microsoft.

Key Features Of Windows 7 Ultimate

  • HomeGroup:
    Takes the headache out of sharing files and printers on network.
  • Jump Lists:
    Speedy access to your favorite songs, websites and documents.
  • Snap:
    A quick way to resize and compare windows on your desktop.
  • Windows Search:
    Find virtually anything on your PC, instantly.
  • Windows Taskbar:
    Better thumbnail previews & icons, and more ways to customize.
  • Full 64-bit support:
    Windows 7 makes the most of powerful 64-bit PCs.
  • Windows XP Mode:
    Run older Windows XP business software on Windows 7 desktop.
  • More Personal:
    Redecorate your desktop with fun new themes or handy gadgets.
  • Performance Improvements:
    Quick sleep, resume & USB device detection, less memory needs.
  • Aero Desktop experience:
    Mixes cool graphics with useful ways to manage your desktop.
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption:
    Keep documents safer by encrypting the entire data kisk drive.
  • Windows Defender:
    First line of defense against spyware and unwanted software.
  • Windows Firewall:
    Keep intruders (hackers or malicious software) from getting in.
  • Language packs:
    Windows 7 Ultimate can switch easily btw 35 display languages.

Detailed Windows 7 Features are listed on Official Windows Site.

How To Install Windows 7 Ultimate ISO

After you successfully download windows 7 free iso file. Save it on your PC. Follow this tutorial which tells How to install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive. The steps to install windows 7 are simple and easy. Let us know if you face any issues during windows 7 ISO download or installation.

Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 32/64 bit Free

Latest working serial keys. Activate Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32/64-bit for free.
Free Product Key Windows 7 Ultimate [2016]

Operating System Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Hard disk space: 15GB available.
  • Video card: 1366 × 768 screen resolution; DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver.
Disclaimer – do not Provide any crack, patches, keygen or Product Keys for Windows 7 Ultimate.

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  • Abo Ziad


  • Le Phuong Kieu

    Link Download Windows 7 bản chuẩn tải từ Microsoft:

    Windows 7 All in One Bootable CD:

    Windows 7 Home Premium x86 – 32 Bit:

    Windows 7 Home Premium x64 – 64 Bit:

    Windows 7 Professional x86 – 32 Bit:

    Windows 7 Professional x64 – 64 Bit:

    Windows 7 Ultimate x86 – 32 Bit:

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 – 64 Bit:

    Windows 7 Enterprise x86 – 32 Bit:

    Windows 7 Enterprise x64 – 64 Bit:

    Để burn ra CD/DVD hoặc USB cài các bạn dùng:

    Công cụ tạo USB + đĩa cài Win do chính Microsoft phát hành, rất nhanh, đơn giản, ko lo lỗi hay rắc rối gì phát sinh cả.

    Chỉ việc tải file ISO bản win cần cài vào kéo thả vào là xong.


    KMSpico bản mới nhất active được cả windows 7, 8, 10 lẫn Office mọi phiên bản:

    Diễn đàn hỗ trợ:

  • Monny Efuji

    did I can repair my windows with this iso??

    • Yes You can Monny Efuji

  • Michael Deep House

    Can i install this SO with pen driver?

    • You can create a bootable Pen Drive using this iso file

  • May be your download is broken or your burning 64bit iso from 32bit OS

  • ea


  • Rocky Ronald Sirait

    done install win 7 but why no conection n sound,n other,r this not include the driver?

  • Tiven Labrent

    License: Trial / Paid…wat does it mean?Does tis OS last long…

    • Yes it can last long

      • Blaze


  • Tadashi Hamada

    Does this need activation key? Thanks

    • Indeed you need it

  • Randy Morris

    what’s the activation key?

  • Hank

    Windows 7 Ultimate Full Version Free Download ISO 32bit, link is broken.

    • Yes we are facing issues with our download servers, we will fix it soon,

    • Link is fixed check now

  • Wai Wai

    Error 404. Page not found!

  • Rob Mcl

    I guess the windows 8.1 I downloaded today is not the right one.
    it will not load in to a vista system and take vista out.
    is there a way to do it.

    • You should not ask windows 8.1 questions on windows 7 page.

  • stephen

    I download windows 7 ultilmate okay. went to install it, wtarted okay, but at the last stage it said not compatible, i did check this first and it said it was. can you help?

    • First download the right version of windows e.g 32bit or 64bit depending on your needs. Then burn the .iso file on a USB or DVD and boot your PC using this disc.

      Remember: Choose the right version that is 32bit or 64 bit.

  • Sangeeth Sadanand

    I had upgraded WIndows 7 Ultimate 32 bit to Windows 10 Pro 32 bit x64based processor
    but it has network errors so i want to downgrade to windows 7 ultimate should i download 32 bit or 64 bit iso an does it need product key

    • Auldrich Delossantos

      after installing this windows 7 , what should i do , is there somthing missing ?

      • I don’t understand really what you need. I will be happy to help but please elaborate you question.

        • Auldrich Delossantos

          softlat- i already know how to Format and use Driverpack this past few days , install office pro plus and kaspersky anti-virus.. how can you help me formating windows 8 to downgrade to windows 7?
          is it different from Formating windoows 7? just want to be safe

  • Hello Endless Paradox
    For activation it need product key. On the other hand trial version of windows 7 ultimate works fine.

  • Thomas Davis

    alright, is this a safe file?

    • Hello Thomas Davis thanks for contacting softlay. Yes this is 100% safe file to download & install.

  • If Windows 10 upgrade was successful and worked fine before the problem, then go with Win 10. Or you can install Win 7 with your key and upgrade again. Download ISO (the version for which you have the key) to any PC, burn to USB or DVD and do a fresh install. Hope it solved your problem.

    • Gary

      Thx. I don’t know if I have a key.

    • Anthony Tosi

      Hi, If I burn the Windows 7 Ultimate do a DVD, will I be able to Install it on a Dimension 4300S?

      • joe moe

        answer is No

  • Its a big file. Use a download manager for undisturbed high speed download and the problem should not occur.

  • Daz

    I have Vista Home Premium SP2, 32bit with an old version Adobe Photoshop CS4, will Photoshop work ok once I upgrade to Win 7 or will I have to reinstall, I have lost the original install disc.

    • Hello Daz You should reinstall Vista Home premium.sAdobe Photoshop CS4 supports win 7.

  • It can be used for new installation as well as upgrade.

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a working iso no corrupted DLL’s, phew! u saved my PC ,was now thinking maybe its a dead machine.. Thanks SOFTLAY #bookmarked

  • Ludo Verhaert

    When downloading it’s only 3 a 400 Kb/sec. Then stop download (not paused) and re-download. Then downloadspeed Goes up to more than 10 Mb/sec!! Every time I tried, same result, very fast download.

    • I dont know who is bigger idiot, you to write this, or me because I actually try. Probably me!

  • madara uchiha

    when ever i try to install this iso on my mac ,i’m getting an error like (no device drivers were found.make sure that installation media contain correct drivers,and click ok).i tried to install it on my mac and i got bootcamp support software from apple website. and after that my bootable pendrive is also not recognised my macbook…some says its fault with iso….is that true..?

    • Mac and Windows are separate operating system.

      • madara uchiha

        i followed the instructions for installing windows on mac from apple website and installed it accordingly….every thing went correct upto this error pops up… :/

      • madara uchiha

        u told that u already tried this iso on your mac

      • madara uchiha

        sry zaibe …!! i thought it was fatima replied so and posted a comment. i asked fatima whether the iso is same for both windows n mac and then she told me both uses same iso n she also told she tried iso on her mac

    • Georgi

      When you made your USB a Windows installing drive you formatted it. Perhaps in FAT32 file system. I believe Mac doesn’t work with FAT32 or NTFS.

      Your Mac doesn’t recognize the drive? When you plug it in nothing happens or it mounts but you cannot open it ?

      If you can actually mount it, reformat it into a supported file system by Mac. If not ask a friend who has a Windows machine to format it for you via a 3-rd party software (Because Windows only supports FAT32, NTFS and one more FAT-type-shit therefore he will need a program in order to format it in a non-supported by Windows file system).

      I hope I helped. If you have any questions, mail me on:

  • joe moe

    to all you folks downloading windows, if you have a HP, Dell, Asus, what ever, after installing the windows soft wear you will need to visit your computers Manufactures website to get the drivers for your motherboard. then your computer will work.

  • joe moe

    My Question is This Are you ( everyone) making a dvd then doing a clean install of windows? place dvd in the dvd drive, reboot your computer the dvd should catch the dvd and windows will start, if your not sure how to install windows

  • joe moe
  • joe moe

    Hope This Helps Everyone! If I knew I could put my phone up in here I would offer tech for $50.00

  • joe moe

    yes all windows needs a product key unless you get a hacked version.. which isn’t safe!

  • Toby Max B

    Does this actually work and is not a virus

    • Hello Toby Max B feel free to download and install.

  • ali

    Thank you very much

  • Kavaljit Singh Kakkad

    hi there i have downloaded and installed windows 7 ultimate iso and it works smoothly .But the problem is with the activation part i dont have a product key where to get it.

    • We do no share product key here. You can use it as trial or try other methods to resolve your issue Hint K.M.S.p.i.c.o

      • Lori

        what does KMS mean? I upgraded to window 10 and do not like it and now want windows 7 back, am in the process of downloading the windows 7 and see there will be a product key, will there be somewhere you can click for a trial?

    • Publius Cronelius Scipio Afric

      search by phone while window is installing

  • Raja Mohsin

    Okay Got’it

  • Deviousl3gends

    does this thing work? is it just a virus?

    • Indeed it work Deviousl3gends. Feel free to download and install

  • Jefry Sani

    thanks alot

    • Welcome Jefry Sani

      • Jefry Sani


  • Josh

    I have Windows Vista. Can I upgrade to Windows 7 using your download and then upgrade to the free Windows 10 upgrade everyones been talking about without using a product key for Windows 7?

  • benji banqs

    does the site get resume download capabilities

    • Yes Benji Banqs site supports it.

  • Andrew Jones

    can windows 7 be installed via a cd/dvd rom as apposed to usb stick ?….p.s i have a dell pc…..thanks

  • Vendetta

    I don’t recommend this, first the speed was very low after waiting 7 hours half of the file downloaded, then the speed get even slower and i don’t think it will finish downloading. Very bad.

    • Well Vendetta for best performance you use Internet download manager. We host files on High speed dedicated severs.

      • Newton

        thats true i have found everything perfect here with a very good speed

  • Can I run the setup using Flash Drive. I mean downloading on the flash drive and then run it to my pc?

  • Rifqy Abbasy

    thanks for software…. :D

  • Tory Tomminson

    My old XP OS laptop running Dell Latitude D620 became useless and
    owned by insidious pop-ups and ransom-ware after the Microsoft cutoff
    date for extended “patches.”

    The crooked PC repair store in my
    town offered to take it off my hands and sell me an Acer with a Windows 7
    OS for $350, the basturds!

    I accidentally heard about the
    Linux OS called “Ubuntu” and researched it, and in 1 1/2 hours had that
    old Latitude up and running as pure and clear as a mountain stream, and
    for FREE god dam it to hell.Unless your PC is actually broken as
    if used as a Frisbee at a Frat party and solder connections are broken
    or your “F” keys are nonfunctional ( they allow you to get to the BIOS
    page to use a bootable USB to wipe XP and install Ubuntu ) then you too
    can resurrect your old PC to the promised land of Ubuntu.

    • Everett Butts

      Actually, the BIOS key differs from computer to computer, as mine is the F1 key.

  • Askar

    I download ISO file , how can i run this Win 7

  • Harris you need to activate your windows via product key you have

    • Stacy Harris

      Oh, okay thank you. How do I do that?

      • Harris I guess you don’t have the original product key?

        If yes then you can use it as trial which works or you can try other methods to fix the issue.

  • Help Meee

    Is this working and legit? Because my pc is new and still figuring out on how can i install an os. Should i just download and do it myself or see a technician?

  • Margaret

    can I go back from windows 10 to windows 7

    • Hello Margaret you can go back from win 10 to win 7

  • Per Johansson

    What language is this download? It complains about the language installed on my machine is not the same as that on this downloaded ISO. But this should not be a problem when we have Ultimate (am I correct?)
    I installed the English (UK) language packet, changed language on my machine from Swedish to English, but no success, it still complains. I want to do an upgrade, not a clean install.

  • Carlos

    Can I download it to my galaxy note 3 then upload it to my laptop?

    • Yeah Carlos you can do it

      • Carlos


        • Go to using your mobile and download the 64bit or 32bit Windows iso file by clicking the download button. After receiving the 2-3GB file, transfer it to your laptop using usb cable.

  • Footknight

    Problem: Says its 32x… but it seems to be only 64x… am I missing something here?

    • The visible Download section (tab) contains 64bit version. For 32bit version click on the 32Bit Tab besides the FREE Download Tab. Both of them are different even in file size.

  • On a different PC, download the same version of OS as previously installed on you laptop i.e. Windows 7 pro 32bit or 64bit. Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive From ISO File to install the OS on you laptop.

  • Greg Arnold

    I currently have 7 Pro 32 bit installed on an HP/Compaq PC which is 64 bit capable. Will this download allow me to change my OS to 64 bit in preparation for the change to Windows 10? The change to 64 bit will allow me to use 16 G of DDR3 instead of the 4 G limit from 32 bit.
    I tried the upgrade to Windows 10 yesterday and it suffered an error 0xC19000101-0x30018; installation failed in the FIRST BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP operation.

  • Kaelan

    Apparently the download is going to take 22 hours even thought it is a 3.1 GB file and I have a 8 MB download speed, is there anyway for me to speed this up?

    • USE Idm for fast downloads

  • Donna VanDenburgh Shafer

    I have Windows 10, hate it and want Windows 7 back. the old Windows file has already been deleted. Can I download Windows 7 from here and how do I get rid of Windows 10?

  • Christopher Echavez

    i downloaded this windows 7 32bit and installed it but it’s 30 days trial.I thought it’s fully activated

    • Enter your product key to get activated your windows 7 32bit . If not then use it as trial or try other methods.

  • Arise Worker

    I need to download Windows 7 32/64 bit can I do it here?

  • Francesco Sabatino

    still works?

    • yest it still works

  • Ayesha Khalid

    i have windows xp on my computer. If i download windows 7 from here, will i be able to change windows xp to windows 7?

    • Yes Ayesha Khalid you can upgrade win xp to win 7.

    • Chris CRACRAFT

      make sure you have the minimum hardware requirements before you do. Even then, you will want to make sure you have a little higher specs to run smoothly or you will want to throw your computer out the window due to slow speeds.

  • Jeff Harris

    Hi Zaibe, I have a copy of windows 7 on an old netbook. I am upgrading a slightly newer desk top with a Solid state drive. Can I download windows 7 from your site & then activate it with my original product key? Cheers Jeff

    • Hello Jeff you can do it, download & install win 7 & activate it with your product key

  • Breadmixing

    I have an old dell desktop that runs Vista. Can I use this to upgrade?

    • MyNameIsJeff

      You can :)

  • Bob

    I have a mac and i want to use bootcamp and it says that when i try to boot after the install it says that my computer cannot verify the digital signature do you know a fix to it

  • noor hossain

    plz give me windows 7 32bit link ,,,,,,,,,i can use USB ,,,how to use dvd ,,,I wnat to use USB for windows. plz give link,,,i can use USB direct ,,,how to use dvd,,,,without create bootabl

    • Chris CRACRAFT

      You will need a dvd to burn this software as a cd won’t be enough storage. you can use a program called winiso to burn the image or other .iso software.

  • Lance

    still works on windows xp?

    • Yes Lance it works on windows xp

    • Chris CRACRAFT

      It will work if you have the necessary minimum hardware requirements. It is recommended to have at least 1gb of ram and a processor at a speed of 2.2ghz or higher. if your xp computer does not meet these requirements now, I would upgrade necessary hardware.

  • Arnold Swartzeneger

    Downloading right now. Does it work for Chromebook?

    • yes it works on it according to my knowledge

    • Chris CRACRAFT

      Chromebook does not have the necessary hardware, in most cases to run a full version of windows. You may want to look at an rt version. That is what is used on the surface tablets. As a Computer technician, I myself have never had to try to install windows on a chromebook, however to my knowledge, it will not work! Post back and let us know if it does.

  • Ricky

    Hello zaibe. Im currently using windows vista and im try to upgrade it to windows 7 32bit. But the thing is i dont have the product key. So can i install a genuine windows 7 ?

    • Hello Ricky you can upgrade to windows 7 without product key, you can use it as trial or use other methods to make it look genuine.

  • Obviously it asks you for the product key to enter,if you have not then use it as trial

  • Hello JAN HENNING RAKE , hopefully you are downloading with Idm or other download manager. It may possible server has been restarted and you get this error.

  • Marcus

    Hi zaibe, can u plz tell me that is it a trial version of win 7 ultimate or full version that is preactivated.

  • Engleman Bluenose

    Hello Zaibe. I’m on windows ultimate vista if I download windows 7 Ultimate ISO 32bit without a product key and use it as a trial, what happens after that trial and what other methods can make it look genuine?

    • trail version works fine even after 30 days, if you want to make it genuine u can use kms

      • Magdalena Kulisz

        what is kms?

        • search it on google

          • Keiji Kiriya

            How exactly does the KMS work? Will it allow me to extend my host win7 key to multiple VM? Googled it – but it’s not super self explanatory to a beginner.

          • Keiji kiriya to be honest I have no legal right to share methods to crack windows, anyways it’s probably simple to do with

          • Chris CRACRAFT

            Technically, your key will work on up to five computers. It can be used up to fifty times for activation on your personal computers if you need to restore one from a faulty or corrupt hard drive. It is not recommended however, to use your activation code for any other computer but your own. By doing so, Microsoft will flag the activation code and make it so you can no longer use it. Any computer running with that activation code, status will change from active, to you may be running an illegal or counterfeit copy, or not genuine windows software, be wary.

  • fajurulla

    thank you for these site parsont its working good and nice . i like it thank you so much

  • Haikal

    Its work????

  • samuel moses

    if we install this does our file which r in destop gets deleted

    • Yes Samuel Moses, before installation you need to copy your desktop files to other drive, & then install it.

  • Kim Fry

    is this still working and is it safe. i have acer vista and just need to update for a printer.. will this work?

    • Kim Fry this is untouched ISO file, hope it work for your printer.

      • Kim Fry

        thank you. do you know how long this download takes?

        • Use internet download manager for high speed downloads

  • Kim Fry

    do i need to download kms activator for this?

  • Indeed it works try out

  • Newton

    Very nice its working. thank you :)

    • you welcome newton

  • bilal

    how can i copy this and make usb bootable?

  • thinagar

    does it need serial key?

  • @Fearthechamp

    Can I upgrade my Windows 7 32 bit which is fully activated to Windows 7 64 bit without having the need to enter a serial key?

    • I am not sure about it, but I guess windows 7 32bit serial key wont work on 64bit.

  • S@! V@rUn

    Hello. Do i require any key to install? is it activated with a key?

    • Chris CRACRAFT

      You will need a key to activate. if you are coming from windows xp or vista. you would need to purchase a key. For those who do want windows 7. As I see that it has not yet been mentioned. Microsoft will be ending support for windows 7 this October. You will not receive any updates after that point.

  • Dale

    i downloaded windows 7 ultimate @ it came up as data missing licence rtf error code 36

  • Wiysen Scala Gouw

    hey man i got same version these dll files missing this can fixing my error tho??

  • Javier

    For starting I would like give you the thank (very much) , for all help, that you enabling others.

  • Javier

    For starting I would like give you the thank (very much) , for all help, that you enabling others

  • joao

    tem para português brasileiro

  • Michael Mathuba

    I’m using window 7 ultimate but I cant install window 7 proffesionall

  • The first one contain Windows 64bit whereas the Next Tab”32Bit” contains windows 7 ultimate 32 Bit .

  • Sseipclgis Ficoksawi

    Thanks guy! It’s helpful! And friends you can also get your windows 8.1 upgraded from. It’s convenient and easy to finish the upgrade process with this site.

  • Ishmal Jutt

    Windows 7 Ultimate license is costly to activate windows 7 ultimate 32/64bit being searched on Microsoft site, So I recently found another site: ODosta Store
    Where from, I got very cheap product key for my personal PC.
    Anyway, Thanks for your kind support.